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  • Was finally able to get my motorcycle key copied onto the key I wanted. Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe's, Autozone, and Ace couldn't copy my key but Paul's Safe and Lock did it for me no problem. I was out of the store in under 5 minutes! Will be returning for any key related problems I have in the future. -Cody S. Roseville, CA


  • What a great Locksmith.  George can do anything. We use him for our Ducati BMW Triumph Vespa dealership.   He is able to do the laser cut keys and the chipped keys. Thank you for all you do! -Randy Felice, Dealer Principal A&S Motorcycles, Roseville near Sacramento


  • Bill arrived 10 minutes early. He worked so hard to problem solve an eighty year old jammed lock. He never stopped working and I am so happy with the results. We have a working and locking door that was "deemed" not fixable by another locksmith when I first bought the house 18 years ago. No hesitation on the service, quality of work or the reasonable price. This professor gives this business an A plus! Thanks Bill-Health P. Roseville, CA


  • George, the owner, saved the day by making keys for my lockbox with my blood pressure Rx inside AND he's an incredibly nice man! Highly recommend. They can also do onsite visits! -Erin R. Sacramento, CA


  • We have a small family owned business and use Paul's locksmith frequently.  The main reason is that they are extremely fast and the keys are usually perfect the first time.  We've been dealing with many locksmiths over the years, as well as hardware stores, but Paul's  Safe  and Lock seem to be the best we have found. -Sibyl M. Roseville, CA


  • Stopped by yesterday to have some keys made and was pleasantly surprised by the kind and very helpful men I was greeted by. To be honest I expected a couple of grumpy old men, but these guys are far from grumpy, with welcoming smiles and engaging conversation.
    Also, I had been to at least three other places trying to get my public storage key copied and not one of them had the right key. So the first thing I asked was if they could copy my storage key and they said they could! :) so one man stared on the storage key while another man asked if I needed any other keys made, which I did, so he started on those and all seven of my keys were finished and presented to me on new key rings within minutes.
    I just want to say thanks for excellent service and quality work!! Keep it up guys :) -Krista A. Roseville, CA


  • Sometime ago I had copy of my mailbox key at HomeDepot and unfortunately it didn't work,  I was ready to go to Post office and request totally new lock but decide it to make another copy went on Yelp and found this company near by.   They make a key and it works PERFECTLY!    So 5 Solid stars from me. -Andrey P. Sacramento, CA


  • Paul's has been more than helpful on more than one occasion.

    I re-keyed my home, plus purchased a new tumbler for a decorative lock at the front door, seven different locks, all keyed alike, and the job took Paul all of about ten minutes to put together and have me out the door.  Paul's stock just about every combination of lock and key you could want, as well as a good assortment of deadbolts and door hardware.  

    No need to ever to go to another locksmith when you have a company as good as Paul's nearby. Prices that are more than fair, and in many cases the staff will give you the necessary information to get the job done yourself, saving a service call.  Nothing beats having the work done right the first time around. -Walt N. Roseville, CA


  • Super fast service. Stopped in & had an extra key made. Took less than 5 minutes from when I pulled into the parking lot.  I would definitely be comfortable calling these guys if I ever needed more serious lock work done! -Beth D. Sacramento, CA


  • My husband used this shop yesterday to get a replacement key made for his Honda CRV, and was so impressed with the service and professionalism at this shop that he inspired me to write this review. He says we will get all our keys made here from now on. -Lynn B. Roseville, CA


  • So friendly and personable and had my keys done in no time flat.  I know where I will be headed the next time I need keys made!!! -Christina H. Roseville, CA


  • I was helping a neighbor with a broken entry set handle. The guys at Paul's were very helpful. As a matter of fact, they did not have a specific replacement part, but disassembled and reassembled the existing handle gratis. Paul's has a new customer for life. Thanks Tom! -Doug A. Yuma, AZ


  • Most of the time when you go into a locksmiths shop there are piles of clutter on every surface. These guys are CLEAN! The tidiness of an establishment is indicative of what kind of work ethic the employees have. I was pleased with the service they provided me and I will be back. -Nick J. Foresthill, CA


  • Quick, friendly, professional! I walked in with a number of keys I needed copied and walked out with everything finished less than ten minutes later. -Zachary L. Rocklin, CA


  • I highly recommend this company. They re-keyed all our doors when we moved to a new home. When I called to set up an appointment, the person on the phone was very friendly and helpful. They called me the day before the appointment to confirm. The technician arrived on time and was very courteous and professional. I would definitely use this company again. -Lea L. Roseville, CA


  • Traveled all over town trying to find a place to duplicate a strange door key for our new second home co-op in Brooklyn.  This place did it easily, and threw in a free key to boot! Need a key made-go no further -Darryl R. Brooklyn, NY


  • Love this place. So nice and friendly very helpful when I was in my 'damsel in distress' moment. LOL. Today will be my 3rd visit for more keys to be made. -Christina S. Culver City, CA


  • A-1 and A-OK. These guys told me how to fix the lock on my safe over the phone, by ordering parts from someone other than them, then talking me through installation so i didn't have to pay a service visit charge for labor. All in all, they took maybe 15 minutes helping me when they could have easily taken $150.00. I guarantee that when i need another locksmith service, these guys will get my money if i have to force them to accept it.

    This company was actually more concerned with solving my problem than making money for themselves. What service!! I'd give them 20 stars if I could. -Bad M. Sacramento, CA


  • We've wasted so much time having keys made and remade at our local Walmarts, key kiosk's because the keys have to be redone.  Now we only have our keys made at Paul's.   They offer fast, friendly and excellent service.  You only have to go once because it done right the first time! -Sandra W. Roseville, CA


  • I have used Paul's several times to have new keys made as well as purchase lock related items.  Every key has worked perfectly and I always seem to find something handy in the store to better secure my house and possessions.  I have had keys done at hardware stores and it seems that there is always a hassle with them so go to Paul's if you need keys or lock work done and I am sure you will be super satisfied. -Ron G. Citrus Heights, CA


  • Wonderful service! Could not be happier with my experience with this company! My sister broke my key to my BMW and after calling BMW they told me it would be 4 days before I had a new key and a whopping $60 plus s&h... I looked on Yelp and this was the first place that came up and the only lock smith in the area that was able to cut my BMW key from the original broken in half! I was in and out within 5 minutes and my total for the visit was $4.83 and the key works perfectly! -Dallas P. Georgetown, CA


  • I brought my "broken" door lock into the store.  Apparently, it was one of those Kwikset locks that you can easily re-key with the right tool.  The store staff took a quick look at my lock, applied some lubricant, and "re-set or re-key" the lock on the spot.  It only took a minute and they did not charge me anything.  Thank you very much. -S S. Roseville, CA


  • I've made two small purchases there. Once for a coupe key rings and the second time was to get a key made. Both times they were very helpful and friend. They really went  above and beyond to make sure I was well informed and happy with my purchase. -E C. Roseville, CA


  • always helpful wont sell you what you dont need. I live out of state now, I needed help by phone. They give me information and saved me $$$$
    If we only had more businesses like A-1 Pauls  what a better world we would have. -bob c. Spokane, WA


  • fast and great service. nice people! clean store! -Pavlo P. Roseville, CA